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BodyMedia and Jawbone – Comments by Robert B. McCray

“With my colleague Don Jones, I started working on the convergence of wireless and healthcare in 2000 through some work with Qualcomm. We created the WLSA in 2005 in order to bring the technology, consumer and entertainment sectors into healthcare. Our first Convergence Summit was held in 2006 and one of our highlighted companies was BodyMedia, represented by co-founder and then CEO Astro Teller, who is now at Google. BodyMedia just announced its acquisition by Jawbone (read about it here). This is not the first such transaction for early members of our community, but since I met the BodyMedia team in 2004 it has been a personal favorite for me, given the quality of its technology and its potential. This transaction is a good sign that the connected consumer sector is becoming more engaged with medical grade health technologies. Please consider joining us at the 8th Convergence Summit on May 29 – 30, 2013 in San Diego as we continue to look for the best and brightest companies and technologies.”

-Robert B. McCray