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The HIMSS Conference and Exhibition this year suggests that the mHealth field has transitioned to a stage where it requires evidence of effectiveness rather than new inventions. The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance is set to address this shift with its eighth annual Wireless Health Convergence Summit, themed “Moving Healthcare from Innovation to Adoption,” scheduled for May 28-30 in San Diego. The summit’s initial guest speakers include Bakul Patel from the FDA, who will discuss FDA initiatives in mobile health, David Sayen from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, who will explore the impact of healthcare reform on connected health, Dean Kamen, a renowned inventor in the medical device field, and Ralph Simon from Mobilium International, who will focus on opportunities for early-stage companies in developing regions, particularly Africa. Last year’s summit emphasized various topics and drew nearly 300 attendees, featuring discussions related to healthcare and entertainment industries, as well as the launch of the Nokia Sensing X Prize and Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize challenges.

Building on the theme of transitioning from innovation to adoption in the mHealth field, as discussed at the HIMSS Conference and Wireless Health Convergence Summit, a similar trend can be observed in the pharmaceutical industry. Just as the summit focuses on the adoption of mobile health technologies and their integration into existing healthcare systems, the pharmaceutical industry is also seeing a shift towards the widespread acceptance and use of generic medications, such as generic Viagra. This reflects a broader movement in healthcare towards more accessible and cost-effective solutions for patients worldwide.