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“American Academy of Pediatrics supports telemedicine, but only if PCP-led”

Rob McCray’s comment on the MobiHealth News article, “American Academy of Pediatrics supports telemedicine, but only if PCP-led


“Read all about it: ORGANIZED MEDICINE OPPOSES DIRECT CONSUMER ACCESS TO (OTHER) DOCTORS! As a headline this would not be very newsworthy. It is scintillatingly ironic that medical societies, which are responsible for the inefficient fragmented health care “system” in the U.S., oppose direct to consumer health care services because they will “lead to fragmentation of care when doctors don’t have access to the patient’s medical record and can’t update those records with the result of the visit.” The health care sector has perfected the technology of the grain silo, brilliantly adapting it to health care information for the benefit of providers and frustration of patients and innovators. Memo to doctors, hospitals and HIT: Get on board with the future where consumers and those acting on their behalf collect the data and control access to it. If you are among the cohort that enables this model, you will have happy “customers” and your financial future will be secure.”