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“Why hospitals should care about net neutrality”

WLSA’s Rob McCray was recently interviewed by Healthcare Dive’s Heather Caspi during which he discussed the FCC consideration of tighter rules guaranteeing net neutrality.

“One of the most vocal speakers on the topic of net neutrality is Rob McCray, president and CEO of the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance. The group recently teamed up with the mHealth Regulatory Coalition and the Health IT Now Coalition to send a letter to the FCC asking them to reject the more stringent neutrality rules under consideration.

“McCray urges caution about making any changes at this time because he says ‘connected health,’ which utilizes technology to provide more options in healthcare delivery, is in a good place.

“He points toward technologies such as AirStrip, which allows data from monitoring devices in hospitals to be transmitted to doctors’ mobile devices.

“‘Things are going really well right now,’ McCray tells Healthcare Dive. ‘I think we are building products and tech-enabled services that have the opportunity to really make healthcare better and improve patient and consumer control over their own health and healthcare, and I don’t want to do anything that interferes with that.’”

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