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Ideal Life

Ideal Life

Company Name: Ideal Life

Company description:  

IDEAL LIFE, the remote health management leader, is revolutionizing healthcare by enhancing connectivity with smart technology throughout the care continuum. The most comprehensive system available, the IDEAL LIFE platform enables people to be healthier and more independent, reduces healthcare costs and provides better use of healthcare resources.

IDEAL LIFE provides physicians, caregivers, family and individuals maintaining healthy lifestyles or managing chronic conditions with smart, affordable, wireless, user-friendly technology anytime, anywhere to fit any lifestyle. The IDEAL LIFE platform provides customized solutions, patient empowerment and peace of mind for caregivers and family to ultimately achieve better health outcomes.

For insurers, hospitals, physicians, employers and patients, the IDEAL LIFE remote health management platform is the most comprehensive system available, managing chronic conditions and engaging individuals to improve their health by connection them using smart technology to their care continuum.  The IDEAL LIFE system is affordable and empowers patients through its ease of use and delivery of relevant, real-time, reliable and actionable data anytime, anywhere, incorporating feedback for the user’s education and knowledge, allowing individuals to become more engaged and active participants in their own health. IDEAL LIFE, an ISO-certified company, provides products and services that are FDA-cleared, HIPAA-compliant and have been proven to reduce healthcare costs and increase efficiencies (i.e. reduced hospital readmission of congestive heart failure patients by 57 percent).

Address: 2200 Yonge St., Suite 1300, Toronto, ON M4S 2C6, Canada


Contact info: 1-888-433-2541