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Case Western Reserve University, San Diego Programs

Case Western Reserve University, San Diego Programs

Company Name: Case Western Reserve University, San Diego Programs

Company description: The Case School of Engineering San Diego Programs, working with Qualcomm Life, offers a Graduate Certificate and Master of Science to support education and training of professionals and students in wireless health.  Both offerings are course only, i.e., no thesis required.  The onsite program is in San Diego; an online format is available worldwide.  These graduate study programs combine theory and practice to cover the entire wireless health value chain, positioning students with exceptional multidisciplinary training for entering and advancing the emerging field of wireless health.  A strong basis in fundamentals across the spectrum of requisite discipline is built through 6 topic-specific required courses.  Each student further personalizes depth and breadth of study through selection of at least three courses from a menu of electives.  Topics of safety, security and privacy, as well as policy and regulatory issues, are integrated throughout the curriculum.  Students with engineering or physical science backgrounds are positioned well to complete these offerings.  Students with clinical, health sciences or management backgrounds can also success if they have or are willing to gain the necessary background underpinning the engineering-centric courses.

Address:  6540 Lusk Blvd, Suite c274, San Diego, CA 92121


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