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Summit 2011 Coverage: I Award Winner BodyMedia

Panasonic TVs to show BodyMedia data
By Brian Dolan, May 11, 2011
Reposted from MobiHealthNews

At the Wireless Life-Sciences Alliance Convergence Summit this week, BodyMedia CEO Chris Robins told attendees that the company would soon announce a deal with Panasonic to bring real-time results from BodyMedia fitness devices to Panasonic televisions. Robins said the results would display as a picture-in-picture setup onscreen while BodyMedia users work out in front of the TV.

Robins did not offer additional details about the deal but the scenario she described makes sense especially for BodyMedia device users who workout in fitness centers. More details should emerge in the coming weeks.

In answer to a question from the audience: Robins also announced that the company has had 700,000 users over its 12 year history, which has allowed it to build up a “huge amount of data” for analytics. While the company has yet to explore the potential of mining its data for trends, Robins said that the company hopes to be at the forefront of that trend.

BodyMedia develops connected fitness devices and mobile applications that track users calorie burn, activity levels, sleep health and more. The devices connect to phones via Bluetooth or send data directly to the cloud thanks to a recent deal with Sprint. BodyMedia also lists 24 Hour Fitness, Jenny Craig and others as partners.

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