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The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) is a special purpose trade organization for innovators, globally relevant companies, scientists, physicians, and policy makers.

The WLSA is dedicated to creating value and improving health, globally, through the convergence of communications technologies, consumers, caregivers and all sectors of the life sciences and technology environment. WLSA partners and companies all over the world are using wireless health innovations to better manage chronic conditions, preempt disease and improve the lives of the elderly and under-served populations around the world.

The principal activities of the WLSA involve the creation of invitational group and private meetings in quality settings during which proprietary information is shared and in which partners meet the most dynamic and innovative organizations and individuals shaping the future of wireless health.

WLSA founders recognized the wireless health opportunity in 1999. In forming the organization, with the critical support of Qualcomm and Johnson & Johnson and Triple Tree in 2005, the WLSA established from the start an operating principal that its meetings would be invitational rather than “pay-to-play,” and that invitations would be based on the quality of the invitee’s achievement or innovation and capability to create valuable wireless health innovations.

Why San Diego?

San Diego is at the heart of the world’s technology markets, a great portion of which is dedicated to wireless enterprises, making it the perfect focal point for the ongoing and expanding dialogue among companies, professionals, academia, entrepreneurs and capital sources on the convergences of wireless technologies, the life sciences and consumers.

What’s Next?

Creative thinking, collaboration, and discussion are vital elements to technological innovation, progress, and market growth. The WLSA is dedicated to fostering relationships, cross-industry education, and the creation of business opportunities that will accelerate the convergence of these dynamic sectors. We look forward to providing these benefits to our partners and creating a forum for our event attendees to share, learn, collaborate, and – accelerate!

For information on joining the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance or attending an event, please contact Andrea Jackson, Director, Program Development at