Convergence Summit

May 26-28, 2015


Better Products, Faster

Ignite the Market for Better and Cheaper Technology Enabled Services for Significant Health Problems

0515141280WLSA’s 10th Convergence Summit (May 26 – 28, 2015 in San Diego) will gather together the organizations and individuals who are committed to improving health and transforming health care through the creation of connected health tools for the most important personal and public health issues.  The tech and consumer sectors have embraced the health sector.  Policy makers and payors recognize the shortcomings in our current model.  The 2015 Convergence Summit participants will share knowledge, attend to key issues and build relationships to accelerate the creation, approval and adoption of better tools for institutions and consumers.

Key topics will include:

    • Creating Better Products.  Faster. Explore the digital tools for accelerating the discovery, creation and integration of devices, drugs, applications and information into tech-enabled services for consumer and institutional channels. 
    • Policy issues. What steps are being taken to address the principal regulatory and policy impediments to the adoption of connected health tools?  Special focus on the FDA, HHS, the ONC HIT, FCC and FTC. 
    • What Do Buyers Want?  Leading hospital systems and other customers are embracing new business models and connected health tools.  Learn from their leadership about what they need from the connected health community.
    • Voices of Patients and Consumers.  What do the end users want?  What are they buying?  What and why will they share personal outcomes information?

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