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FOX Business: Just What the Doctor Ordered: Medical Apps to Improve Care, Health

WLSA wants to share a timely article about the mobile health (mHealth) industry with you. FOX Business has featured WLSA members QualcommLife, Happtique, Zeo and BodyMedia in an article. Read the article, here.

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Happtique’s Blog Talk Radio: WLSA Convergence Summit Sessions

mHealth Zone was broadcasting live from the WLSA Convergence Summit in San Diego. Join Ben as he interviews the summit’s speakers to get the inside scoop. Join the conversation on Twitter #mHealthZone Kickoff Interviews Summit Sessions (cont.) X PRIZE & Nokia Interview Convincing the Consumer: Industry Presentations on Wellness & Fitness For the latest updates [...]

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Nokia Sensing X CHALLENGE

By Robert B. McCray Robert is President and CEO of the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance. What can the health care industry learn from Hollywood? Can we use the power of technology and persuasion to empower consumers to take more responsibility for their own health? Can technology and knowledge of human behavior overcome the health problems that [...]

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mHealth Monthly Mashup: release 12.0 – pharma dips its toes into mobile health with broad array of apps

WLSA wants to share a timely article about the wireless and health app industry with you. Written by Michael Spitz, as retrieved, 07/23/12. Michael Spitz explores mobile health apps created by pharmaceutical companies. “According to a new survey of pharmaceutical executives conducted by KPMG, 36% plan on using mobile health to gain customer insights, 31% to interact with customers, [...]

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We Know ‘There’s an App For That’–But Are Drug-Makers Ready to Catch Up?

WLSA wants to share a timely article about the wireless and health app industry with you. Written by Rhona Finkel, as retrieved, 07/23/12. “A barrage of mobile health apps has descended upon the public in recent years. They come from health insurance companies, the telecom industry, the Department of Veteran Affairs. Seems like anyone who’s anyone is [...]

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WLSA: Wireless Health Convergence Summit 2012

Written by Terry Nicholas, MEDS Technology Correspondent, as retrieved 07/02/12 As part of the recently concluded 7th Annual Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) Convergence Summit, held in San Diego May 23-24, I attended a timely panel entitled “Eyes on the Prize: Incentivizing Innovation in Wireless Health”.  For this the WLSA put together an all-star group of [...]

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WLSA’s Convergence Summit: Is The Healthcare Revolution Here Yet?

To borrow a punchline from a recent television advertisement, new wireless technology in healthcare is so 42 seconds ago. The technology is out there, being tested and used, said Robert McCray, president and chief executive officer of the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance. Speaking before close to 300 people on the first day of the WLSA’s [...]

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FDA is Heading in Right Direction Now

Written By Padma Nagappan, as retrieved 06/04/12 One of the panels at the recently concluded WLSA Convergence Summit in San Diego focused on how things have changed within the last five years and whether the guidelines the FDA issued last year for devices helps provide clarity in navigating the choppy waters of clearance. The panel featured two [...]

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Nokia Joins X Prize in $2.25M Wireless Health “Sensing Challenge”

When the X Prize Foundation’s Peter Diamandis took the stage in San Diego this morning at the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) annual convergence summit, he said it was the perfect audience for announcing the foundation’s newest competition—the “Nokia Sensing X Challenge.” The challenge, organized through a partnership with the Finnish wireless device manufacturer, is offering a total pool of [...]

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Wireless Health Summit Showcases Incentive Prizes as Tool for Change

About 275 technologists and healthcare industry executives are gathering in downtown San Diego tomorrow as the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) convenes its Seventh Annual Convergence Summit at the Grand Hyatt. “The overarching theme of the summit this year is ‘How do we move from innovation to institutional and personal adoption of the tools and technologies for wireless health?’” [...]

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