The Foundation for the Children of the Californias

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Company Name: The Foundation for the Children of the Californias

Company description: The Foundation for the Children of the Californias is a tri-national collaboration with Canada, the United States, and Mexico, which aims to improve the health and nutrition for the children of the region. Located a half mile into Baja California, Mexico, The Foundation was formed in response to an urgent need for a pediatric medical center in Northwestern Mexico. Concerned pediatric professionals joined forces with civic, business, and academic leaders from Mexico, Canada and the United States in an effort to fill this void. According to Mexican law, this project is legally classified as one of the very few “private non-profit” institutions in Mexico. The current pediatric complex, “Hospital Infantil de las Californias,” offers outpatient services in over 30 specialties and services (including day surgery, dental, ophthalmology, orthopedics, physical therapy, etc.) in a 56,000 square foot facility. Only 40% of this staff is paid and no child is turned away for inability to pay.



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