Bloom Technologies takes the guesswork out of labor

November 21, 2014 | Reply More

“The first clinical grade wearable device to help expecting moms track contractions from home.

“Bloom Technologies is a consumer health company focused on helping moms have healthy pregnancies. Last week we were showcased at the Samsung Developer Conference as a partner leveraging the Samsung SAMI software architecture. At the event we unveiled our consumer facing product, a clinically accurate wearable device that measures contractions in expecting moms.

“Bloom was born from the questions and concerns co-founder Julien Penders and his wife, Ludivine, encountered when having their first child two years ago. At the time, he and fellow co-founder Eric Dy, were working at the nano-electronics research center imec, where they had been developing ultra low power wearable systems for physiological tracking for more than a decade. Then it clicked — we had an opportunity to apply state-of-the-art technology to address problems women around the world encounter on a daily basis.

“Expecting moms have contractions throughout the 3rd trimester and until now had to rely on unreliable self-diagnosis to track contractions. As a consequence, women often found themselves unable to accurately report uterine activity at prenatal checkups, frantically rushing to the hospital with false alarms of labor, or mistiming their departure to the hospital the day of labor only to be sent home. The system already has vocal advocates in the maternal health community including certified nurse midwife, Jessica Haag.

“The Bloom monitor can replace the burden of timing contractions. It will allow women to focus and listen to their bodies without having to record when they may be feeling a contraction. We always ask ‘when did the contractions start, how often are they coming, how long do they last’ and once the contractions reach a more regular pattern, it is a ticket to the hospital or birth center. This will take the pressure off the laboring mother and her partner by simplifying the process.

“Bloom aims to empower women and provide peace-of-mind by unlocking information currently only available in hospitals. The simple yet powerful wearable sensor is clinically accurate and designed with ultra low power electronics to not require any charging over the entire 3rd trimester.

The device will be submitted for FDA approval and commercially available in 2015.

“Upon release, the wearable will measure frequency, duration, and intensity of contractions. Bloom also plans to release algorithm updates to distinguish between Braxton Hicks and labor inducing contractions as well as track other parameters of fetal and maternal health.

“The consumer focused platform aims to capture the most comprehensive dataset on prenatal health ever collected. With this data Bloom looks to support women with personalized information to manage their health, and to partner with clinical researchers to tackle major pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and preterm birth. Jessica further adds, ‘This technology could help gather data on a population that we desperately need more information on. As a clinician, evidence based care is the gold standard and especially in maternal/neonatal health where we are struggling to get good outcomes in this country.’

“Bloom is dedicated to providing innovative ways to empower parents to raise healthier, happier families. We strive to simplify complex questions, to use our data to drive new medical discoveries, and to make healthy living the easier option.

“Please join us on this exciting journey to take the guesswork out of pregnancy. Follow us on Twitter @bloom_life or find us online

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