Ten steps to creating a safe, secure healthcare app

July 29, 2014 | Reply More

The mobile healthcare app market has been booming, with a report by Juniper Research predicting that as many as 142 million mobile healthcare apps will be downloaded by 2016. Healthcare providers have expressed concern about the safety and security of so many new apps, so if you’re an app developer, designer or consumer, read on to discover the 10 steps necessary to create a safe and secure healthcare app.  Taking these steps can help mitigate the risk of compliance shortfalls—healthcare apps that fail to meet regulatory and data security standards may harm, rather than help, their consumers.

1. Understand the target market

2. Check in with HIPAA

3. Look at the footprint

4. Consult industry best practices

5. Talk to an expert

6. Use standard terms and coding

7. Employ encryption

8. Leverage user-centric design

9. Test, test, and test again

10. Seek independent validation

Click the link below to read the details of each step, written by Andrew Underhill, chief technologist at Systems Made Simple. What do you think of these steps? Are there any that you believe were missed? Comment below or reach out to us through Facebook or Twitter.


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