mHealth solutions increase patient engagement, study shows

July 18, 2014 | Reply More

Credit: mHealthWatch

As medical facilities and health care organizations continue to explore the many uses of mHealth, patients and clinicians around the globe are discovering the positive impact that mHealth solutions can provide. A recent study conducted by Montefiore Medical Center’s (MMC) Universal Behavioral Associates focusing on the use of text messaging to relay tips, medication reminders, and medical appointment reminders, showed especially promising results. The study of 67 MMC Medicaid Health Home patients demonstrated a 40% increase in appointment attendance, 12% increase in medication adherence, and 7% increase in achieving the goals of the health care plan. Text messaging offered patients daily reminders and support while allowing them to take a more active role in their health care. “Our goal was to understand whether mobile technology would help our care managers provide more consistent and efficient support and quality care for our Medicaid patients”, said Donald A. Bux, PhD, director of behavioral healthcare management at University Behavioral Associates, in a press release. Following the success of the study, plans are being made to partner with other Medicaid Managed Care Organizations to roll out similar mHealth programs.

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