Can “mHealth Rx” help engage patients and encourage healthy, long-term behaviors?

July 31, 2014 | Reply More

Natalie Hodge, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Personal Medicine Plus recently asked “will there come a day when the prescribing of mHealth could augment that of traditional medicine?” In her experience, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Dr. Hodge, a pediatrician, currently uses a patient health record to facilitate communication with her patients, allowing them to log in to the record remotely between visits to revisit their health plan and medications prescribed during each visit. While this is helpful for patients, Dr. Hodge expressed her concern that it does nothing to help users make informed and beneficial “microdecisions,” like taking the stairs or picking lunch, each day. Rather, Dr. Hodge hopes to incorporate “mHealth Rx” into her, and other clinicians’ prescriptions for patients—she calls mHealth prevention management “inherently better” for her patients “because it creates activation, engagement and behavior change over the continuum of time between visits.”

What do you think about mHealth-based prevention management?

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