Aperek’s Pulse app makes cataloging and tracking implants easier

July 22, 2014 | Reply More

Credit: Aperek

Implants like hip joints, pacemakers, or surgical staples, are a fundamental aspect of many surgical procedures, but the task of cataloguing and tracking them is inordinately difficult. Aperek’s new Pulse app hopes to change all that. The app allows clinicians to catalogue implants in the operating room at the moment the implant is being inserted or discarded. Mark Osborne, Aperek’s vice president of new product development, explains that “capturing that data in (the OR) environment is critical,” because when nurses or doctors need to sit down at a computer station after the procedure is completed to enter the necessary data, their workflow is interrupted and they are forced to remember information from a while back.

The Pulse app is equipped with voice recognition software that repeats information back to the user to verify the data’s accuracy. Having implant information stored on the app will also help the hospital quickly identify and contact patients with targeted implants during device recalls.


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