Takeaways from FDA’s Social Media Guidelines Draft

June 18, 2014 | Reply More

The FDA recently released draft guidance for pharmaceutical and medical device companies should behave on social media platform with character space limitations (view here) and when correcting misinformation on third-party sites (view here). Here are eight takeaways from the guidelines draft according to Mobihealth News:

  1. Each tweet must include both benefits and risks
  2. Each tweet must be complete and accurate
  3. Each tweet should include a hyperlink to a more comprehensive list of risks and side effects
  4. If it doesn’t fit, don’t tweet it
  5. Companies don’t have to correct misinformation about themselves on the web, but they can
  6. Companies must correct the good along with the bad
  7. Corrections must be limited in scope
  8. Keep records of corrective interactions

Read the whole story here and tell us your thought on the guidelines in the comments.

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