Lilly launches “Talking Progress,” a depression information and management app

June 13, 2014 | Reply More

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WLSA member Lilly recently launched “Talking Progress,” a mobile app for iPhone and Android that helps patients manage depression. “Talking Progress was developed to address a need within the management of depression; communication,” explains Alan Lenox Smith, a spokesperson for Lilly Medical. The app is an informative and interactive tool that allows patients to chart moods and make note of any questions or concerns they have for their doctor. According to Lilly, one of the major barriers to effective depression management and care is a lack of communication between patients and healthcare professionals, and insufficient communication can lead to poorer quality of care and adverse outcomes. “By taking advantage of the growing demand for innovative channels, we were able to create an interactive tool which allows patients to be active participants in their recovery through understanding their symptoms and improving communication with their healthcare professional,” says Smith.

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