Imec and Samsung partner to accelerate digital health innovation with new open reference sensor module

June 5, 2014 | Reply More

WLSA member imec, world-leading nano-electronics research center, recently announced its collaboration with Samsung Electronics. Imec and Samsung’s digital health initiative will promote the acceleration of innovation and collaboration among researchers and technology companies in the mobile health wearables field. Another focus of the digital health initiative is Samsung’s Simband platform, which includes an open reference sensor module integrating advanced sensing technologies from imec. Samsung and imec hope to use this technology to bring new and greater understanding of the body’s inner workings to the world of consumer health monitoring.

“A growing public interest in healthy living is driving the emergence of activity monitors, with a number of devices already available,” stated Luc Van den hove, president and CEO at imec. “We are excited to have contributed to Samsung’s effort to take the next step in wearable health monitoring devices with our Body Area Networks (BANs) technology, developed at imec Belgium and imec The Netherlands/Holst Centre (Eindhoven). Imec and Holst Centre’s cutting-edge technology, enabling highly accurate and non-invasive monitoring with clinical-grade functionality, paves the way for more efficient and better healthcare.”

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