Fitlinxx releases updated Pebble activity tracker featuring lengthened battery life and smartphone syncing

June 20, 2014 | Reply More

Pebble+ | Credit: MobiHealthNews

WLSA member Fitlinxx recently released an updated version of its Pebble activity tracker featuring lengthened battery life and adding smartphone syncing for the first time.

“Up to this point we’ve always sent our data through the web,” Monahan said. “We have these little sync points that plug into laptops, we have workgroup access points where you can put something in a cafeteria and it will do that for everyone in the company as they come and go. The news around mobile is we can now do that [through individual mobile devices] as well. It’s a totally seamless experience, and your experience [as an end user] is still with our partner, not with us.”

Though the Pebble+ is visually very similar to its predecessor, Fitlinxx CEO Dave Monahan told MobiHealthNews that the activity tracker’s new hardware will also allow Fitlinxx to make feature updates on an ongoing basis.

At a recent conference, Fitlinxx released preliminary data gained from a project with the Cleveland Clinic demonstrating the Pebble’s potential for increasing movement within a clinical population. “We’re doing a wellness program with them across 24,000 employees and the success in terms of engagement has been very good,” Monahan said. “About 70 percent of employees are engaged, and of those about 90 percent are meeting standards of activity. It’s just a really well-received, very successful program.”

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