Tictrac partners with Novartis to launch Multiple Sclerosis health tracking and awareness campaign

May 28, 2014 | Reply More

7-Day Challenge screenshot [credit: MobiHealthNews]

WLSA member Tictrac has partnered with Novartis to launch a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) awareness campaign called The 7-Day Challenged to Live Like You. Tictrac, a health tracking and analytics platform, will encourage users to visit a Novartis online resource called Living Like You. The website publishes stories and content from those living with MS and provides resources for people with MS to learn more about their condition. The campaign will prompt participants to track aspects of their lifestyle (weight, activity, mood, workload, etc.) creating visualizations of their day-to-day life. After the seven days, the challenge will send users an email with customized insights about their lives (such as they burn more calories when they get a full night’s rest or they lose weight when they are stressed).

“MS is a complicated disease, and one which affects many aspects of your life,” Tictrac Senior Account Manager Nooreen Kara told MobiHealthNews. “Whether it’s stress, mood, fitness or sexual activity, Tictrac can help a person living with MS manage what can often be an unpredictable life. While Tictrac’s technology can be applied to many conditions, [since] MS impacts so many aspects of a person’s lifestyle, it’s a natural fit for us.”

Read more about Tictrac’s partnership and campaign here: http://mobihealthnews.com/33542/novartis-tictrac-partner-for-multiple-sclerosis-health-tracking/

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