UP Coffee app engages and educates users, promoting smart caffeine consumption

April 2, 2014 | Reply More
UP Coffee Picture Credit: imedicalapps.com

UP Coffee
Picture Credit: imedicalapps.com

David Ahn, M.D. recently used and reviewed the UP Coffee iOS app released by hardware manufacturer Jawbone. UP Coffee can both incorporate sleep-tracking data collected by Jawbone UP devices as well as operate independently as an informative tool teaching users the ways in which their bodies process caffeine. The app tracks caffeine intake and provides daily factoids keeping users engaged and informed.

Ahn found that the user interface was simply designed and visually pleasing. Users first signing up are asked for their gender, height/weight, target bedtime, and rough sensitivity to caffeine. The app requires users to manually enter each caffeine product they consume; the main screen will then show a large flask filled with blue and brown dots that increase and decrease as the caffeine enters and is eliminated from their systems over time. After 7-10 days of use, the app begins to provide insights into sleep patterns and caffeine consumption trends.

Overall, Ahn was pleased by the app as an visually pleasing learning tool, calling it a “delightful app” that will engage users and help users make more informed decisions about their caffeine intake.


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