MedeStat creates “PillBacker” smartphone case and app that stores pills and seeks to improve patient engagement and medication adherence

April 8, 2014 | Reply More
PillBacker (picture credit: mobihealthnews)

(picture credit: mobihealthnews)

“No one leaves their house without their phone anymore. Why aren’t we [storing] our medication on that?” asks Brian Vickers, president and CEO of MedeStat. His solution: PillBacker, a rubber smartphone case containing several compartments for pills that can be paired with a medication reminder app. MedeStat plans to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign within the next few days to raise money to bring the PillBacker to manufacturing.

“The more containers you have, the more likely you are to leave them behind,” explains Vickers, who hopes that the PillBacker will help engage customers that rely on daily pills for their health and promote medication adherence. Vickers also expresses how the hardware and app work hand in hand: “when the alarm goes off it gives the user which medication compartment number that they need to take the pill from to avoid confusion, since many pills and vitamins look the same.”

If the PillBacker crowdfunding campaign is successful, Vickers says that he and MedeStat cofounder Rob Pirolo have plans for an Auvi-Q Epinephrin auto-injector for people with life-threatening allergies and that they have already been speaking with Auvi-Q maker Sanofi-Aventis about providing the PillBacker case as a throw-in with the drug.

Read more below and tell us what you think about the PillBacker. Do you think it will promote patient engagement and medication adherence?

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