Fitnet raises $1.4 million for interactive video fitness app

April 24, 2014 | Reply More

Fitnet app Credit: mobihealthnews

Instructional fitness video app maker Fitnet has raised $1.4 million from Valleys’ Ventures and CIT Gap Funds for its fitness app, Fitnet. Fitnet’s iOS apps consist of five minute guided video workouts that lead users in activities ranging from yoga to cardio and strength training. After completing each video, users are given the option to choose another workout or a three-minute cool down. The app uses the camera on each user’s device to watch their movements, compare them to the trainer’s, and give the user a score at the end of the workout, explains Bob Summers, Fitnet founder. “The score is what makes it really unique compared to other types of video fitness applications. Right now it starts with a sensor that everyone has on their mobile devices, which is a camera. You can turn this camera into a biometric sensor, essentially watching a person do physical activity.” The app first launched in January 2014 and already Fitnet reported users in 180 countries and all 50 states that have collectively burned over 1.25 million calories.

Fitnet’s next iteration may also add social elements to the mix. While the app can currently only track one person at a time, future versions hope to allow more people to work out in one session and allow trainers to upload their own content to the app.

Read more below and tell us what you think about both the current app and its potential additions. Would you use Fitnet?

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