CellTrak’s White Paper – Coordinating Staff and Care Delivery: Mobile Visit Verification

April 16, 2014 | Reply More

CellTrak, a WLSA Member, recently released a white paper, “Coordinating Staff and Care Delivery: Mobile Visit Verification.” Below, read the intro and click here to view the entire paper.

“Home and Community Care’s distributed delivery environment makes accountability of visits and services more challenging than in centralized, facility-based care models. The benefits of home-based care delivery are extreme, from both a cost savings and a patient results perspective. Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), when combined with manageable policies and procedures and back-office scheduling/billing/payroll software, can significantly improve accountability to assure that services are being delivered to care recipients when and where providers claim they are and providers are able to manage this service delivery with reasonable, sustainable expense.

“The following whitepaper has been developed to highlight an innovative solution and mobile technology that brings additional resources to the fingertips of nurses and homecare professionals at the frontline to support their clinical decision-making and contribute to improved client outcomes while providing immediate visibility of activities for the entire care team. With day to day changing patient needs, there is increasing evidence that these new mobile technologies and applications will transform the industry and facilitate faster and better communications, as well as rapidly providing integrated outcome data to the front line field staff while providing an agency the ability to increase census with current staff.”



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