Center for Connected Health finds that mHealth devices improve patient engagement and clinical outcomes

March 19, 2014 | Reply More

The Center for Connected Health has determined that patients using wireless devices (as opposed to those who used modern-based devices) were more likely to be engaged in their health care and have better clinical outcomes. With connected health devices, clinicians are able to access real-time patient data leading to more targeted and better informed clinical decisions and patients found that digital tools helped them to more easily modify behavior and adhere to drug regimens.

telcare logoJonathan Javitt, CEO and vice chairman of Telcare – a WLSA member, calls connected health “a radical transformation of medicine as we know it.” mHealth tools such as apps, monitoring and text messaging devices make it easier for not only patients but their support systems as well. Javitt explains that information gained from mobile health monitoring systems can be “shared with caregivers and family members to inform a greater support system. This is especially critical in pediatric or aging populations where other individuals are actively involved in a patient’s care and treatment.”

Read the full article below and tell us what improvements you’ve seen in the lives of patients and work of clinicians with the help of connected health.

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