Undated FDA image shows agency’s new ad campaign, aimed at youth, on the health dangers of smoking

February 6, 2014 | Reply More

This undated image provided by the Food and Drug Administration shows the federal agency’s new ad campaign aimed at youth on the health dangers of smoking. Government funded high impact anti-smoking ads (not PSAs) were an important component of the successful smoking reduction campaigns of the 1980′s and 1990′s.  The new campaign by the FDA comes at an opportune time as adolescents are being lured into new forms of tobacco and sexy nicotine administration devices. WLSA’s Engaged Health Consumer Initiative is intended to advance a society in which citizens, industry and government embrace health, not just health care, as a shared goal and in which individuals become reconnected to their own health as knowledgeable, engaged and empowered citizens and consumers, not just as patients.  Achievement of this goal requires the use of all the modern tools of behavior change, including all forms of consumer advertising.  Our only question:  Why limit this approach to smoking?  Numerous other behaviors have significant adverse health impacts and are equally susceptible to change.  The “F” in FDA stands for Food – we recommend adolescent-targeted campaigns against harmful foods.  This should be easier since a food campaign can sell tasty alternatives and not just abstinence.

Read the article and see the images at http://strib.mn/1azdo6w.


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