National Basketball Association to equip players with wearable health trackers

February 19, 2014 | Reply More

The National Basketball Association is making strides in connected health, becoming the first major American sports league to equip its players with mobile health devices for usage during both practices and games. Twenty NBA Development League teams are expected to implement the 1-ounce performance analytic devices by the end of the season. Each device will generate individual player data on cardiovascular exertion, musculoskeletal intensity, distance and direction of running, to name a few. This data can help players avoid injury and maintain long-term health both on and off the court. Read more:

How do you think this will impact the popularity of health and wellness tracking for not only professional athletes but the general population as well?

Zephyr's BioPatch may be the device used in the NBA's new health tracking initiative

Zephyr’s BioPatch may be the device used in the NBA’s new health tracking initiative

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