Kaiser Permanente’s new application fosters patient engagement and education

February 26, 2014 | Reply More

journey home boardKaiser Permanente announced plans to introduce the Journey Home Board, a connected health application fostering patient engagement and education, at three new hospitals opening soon in California. Kaiser Permanente Innovation Evangelist Danielle Cass describes the purpose of the app—to “put the member at the center” by providing educational features, lists of appointments and recovery milestones to be met before discharge, and networking features to hospitalized patients. Cass explained that the app will be tailored for varying conditions; for example, a new mother would be able to view videos of breastfeeding techniques, read information about post-partum depression, and connect with other KP members who are also new mothers. The Journey Home Board is the most recent addition to Kaiser’s Imagine Care Anywhere program, an initiative aimed at improving members’ total health by providing information and care wherever their location. How do you think this app will help improve patient education and care?


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