BioSensics Partners with Aventyn on Wearable Sensor Technologies for Mobile Patient Monitoring

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PAMSys™ sensor with Vitalbeat™ patient personalized mobile monitoring platform poised to revolutionize physical therapy, rehabilitation, diabetes care, orthopedics, and elderly care

American Telehealth Association Annual Meeting – Austin, TX – May 5, 2013 – BioSensics and Aventyn Inc. announce a partnership to offer a mobile remote monitoring platform for physical activity, ECG, gait, and posture.

PAMSys™ is a unique platform for long-term objective evaluation of individual’s physical activity during everyday life. Combined with Aventyn’s Vitalbeat chronic disease management ecosystem, this web-based solution will enable hospitals, physician offices, university medical centers, home care providers, hospices and clinical researchers to remotely monitor patient physical activity and capture relevant changes in activities of daily living. The patented PAMSys technology is based on over 10 years of research supported in part by the National Institutes of Health. PAMSys is a lightweight, wearable motion sensor that uses advanced signal processing algorithms and novel biomechanical models of human motion to monitor body position, evaluate walking patterns, automatically detect falls, and assess sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit postural transitions.

Vitalbeat™ is a simple, cost effective remote patient monitoring and integrated chronic disease management system for managing long term conditions. With Vitalbeat and advanced telehealth sensors like PAMSys, clinicians remotely monitor patient vital signs and activity levels securely using smartphones and tablet computers, and design long term disease management programs for co-morbidities associated with heart failure, diabetes, obesity, and many other conditions. Patients manage diet, physical activity, and medication compliance by configurable alerts and reminders based on personalized thresholds, goals and clinical requirements. Patient electronic health record data integrates with Vitalbeat along with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to provide care continuity, group sharing and networking with clinicians, family and like-minded friends.

PAMSys™ with Vitalbeat™ is selectively available for clinical research and commercial deployment by healthcare providers and payers. The two companies plan to provide remote patient monitoring solutions and subscription services for a variety of disease conditions to be billed under existing CPT codes for ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring, education and patient self-management, and fall risk assessment, as well as new CPT codes based on clinical outcomes from ongoing and future clinical trials.

About Aventyn, Inc.

Aventyn is an award winning health technology company delivering innovative, standards based secure core to cloud connected clinical information processing solutions. The company’s CLIP®Care EMR solution with CareLock™ health information security and integrated wireless bio-sensor capability enable continuity of care anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Vitalbeat–Integrated Chronic Disease Management™ patient personalized solutions are tailored for home and remote monitoring. Aventyn offers bundled and per patient per month subscription solutions with strategic provider and payer partners. Aventyn AB, Aventyn UK Ltd and Aventyn India Pvt Ltd are wholly owned subsidiaries of Aventyn Inc., USA. For more information please contact Aventyn by email or by phone at (231) 794-BEAT

About BioSensics

BioSensics is a research and product development company specializing in innovative wearable sensors for healthcare. The company’s LEGSys™ and BalanSens™ platforms enable gait and balance assessment with unmatched ease and convenience. LEGSys and BalanSens eliminate the need for cameras, force plates, and pressure mats during clinical gait and balance assessment. The company’s PAMSys platform is the new gold standard in physical activity monitoring and fall detection. In addition to these products, BioSensics offers custom telehealth solutions and algorithm licensing opportunities for corporate, government, and academic partners, including four ongoing telehealth sensor development projects funded by the National Institutes of Health. For more information about BioSensics products and services, please contact

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