Aventyn Announces CLIP®CareView Medical Imaging Solution for Mobile and Cloud

May 30, 2013 | Reply More

aventynEnables collaboration, remote multi-modality multi-viewing of static and moving DICOM images using tablet devices, smartphones, Ultrabooks for diagnostics, monitoring, reporting and archiving


Wireless Life Science Alliance Convergence Summit – San Diego, CA – May 29, 2013 – Aventyn Inc. an innovative provider of secure connected clinical information processing solutions, announced today the limited availability of CLIPCareView imaging solution aimed at clinical studies and research. Aventyn’s award winning CLIP®Care clinical information and Vitalbeat™ Integrated Chronic Disease Management platforms will seamlessly support CLIPCareView to provide capabilities for hospitals, imaging centers and remote monitoring stations instant access to patient images. Research centers, clinicians and investigators interested in CLIPCareView clinical studies can contact Aventyn directly to qualify and participate in upcoming trials.

The global growth of medical imaging solutions continues to rise at a steady pace according to a recent Frost and Sullivan report on global trends and transitions shaping the future of medical imaging equipment. Mobile devices and cloud infrastructure in turn are rapidly spurring the adoption of CLIPCareView solutions for advanced imaging modalities.

Chronic conditions and long term illness account for a large percentage of patient visits to emergency rooms, hospital visits, re-hospitalizations and subsequent death in hospitals. 28.1 per cent of Medicare beneficiaries classified as chronically ill in the United States died in hospitals in 2007*. For example, several global chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, respiratory ailments and intestinal disorders require rapid non-invasive digital imaging methods.  Easy, secure access to high quality images, patient clinical history, and vital sign monitoring data for care coordination help control and prevent avoidable patient hospital visits and improve patient outcomes.

CLIPCareView provides unprecedented secure access to multiple imaging modalities including; X-Ray, EKG, Angiogram, 2-D, 3-D, 4-D, Echo, MRI, PET/CT, SPECT/CT Ultrasound. Built-in collaborative tools enable radiologists, non-invasive cardiologists and clinicians share and view studies securely and remotely across a diverse set of mobile devices and via the cloud. Patient images are easily attached and integrated with patient health records preserving history and improving continuity of care. Remote monitoring and disease management systems can now share a rich set of meaningful personalized patient record data, imaging studies for diagnostics and reporting with vital sign monitoring trends for improving patient quality of life metrics.

CLIPCareView works on Windows 8 Ultrabooks; Android, Apple tablet devices, smartphones and cloud portals.

To arrange a demo or participate in clinical trials and studies, please contact Puja Chandler by email puja@aventyn.com or by phone at (231) RX4-BEAT

About Aventyn, Inc.

Aventyn is an award winning health technology company delivering innovative, standards based secure core to cloud connected clinical information processing solutions. The company’s CLIP®Care EMR solution with CareLock™ health information security and integrated wireless bio-sensor capability enable continuity of care anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Vitalbeat–Integrated Chronic Disease Management™ patient personalized solutions are tailored for home and remote monitoring. Aventyn offers bundled and per patient per month subscription solutions with strategic provider and payer partners. Aventyn AB, Aventyn UK Ltd and Aventyn India are wholly owned subsidiaries of Aventyn Inc., USA. 

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