Zephyr Technologies

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Company Name: Zephyr Technologies.

Company description: Zephyr Technology is the global leader in real-time physiological status monitoring and is changing the world’s approach to healthcare. Through patented smart fabric sensor technology, original algorithms and system design, Zephyr is inventing unique ways to monitor human performance.

Zephyr is currently operating in markets as diverse as sports, wellness, defense and medical monitoring. In the medical field, products are applied to such things as the monitoring of patients in ambulances, health management and in-home monitoring of chronic diseases.

Zephyr’s technology reads data from the body using its smart fabric sensors inserted into the garment. These sensors are comfortable and are able to perform in harsh environments and under extreme exercise. They are wireless, battery powered, rechargeable and unobtrusive in any situation. The technology can communicate in real-time or connect to remote health monitoring applications utilizing the built-in wireless technology, and can also log several weeks of data. Software is available with a selection of real-time and trend analysis tools.

Zephyr’s Solutions are in use and have been validated with NASA, US Special Forces, hospitals and medical and fitness professionals. Zephyr is headquartered in the US and posed to Measure Life . . . Anywhere.

Address: 1 Annapolis Street, Suite 200, Annapolis, MD 21401

Website: www.zephyranywhere.com

Contact Information: (443) 569-3603

Social Networking Info: LinkedIn | Twitter


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