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Company Name: Imec.

Company description: Imec is Europe’s leading nanoelectronics R&D institute and a global leader in semiconductor research. They offer their advanced research expertise and broad IP portfolio to accelerate and de-risk product development providing their partners with critical time-to-market and technology advantages.

Tackling healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow has been a pillar of imec research for over 10 years. By leveraging semiconductor miniaturization and integration capabilities they strive to shrink large medical devices into discrete implantable or wearable devices that offer the same performance as their larger counterparts. With remote patient monitoring and mobility in mind, their key drivers are ultra low power, robust performance, and unique circuit enabled algorithm development.

Imec offers a unique set of research programs that addresses all major needs of future medical devices including: analog/RF/digital circuit design, packaging, algorithms, (bio)chemical sensors, micropower, and dry electrodes.

Address: Kapeldreef 75
B-3001 Heverlee


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