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Company Name: OJ-BIO.

Company description: OJ-bio Ltd is bringing to market a range of revolutionary wireless diagnostic devices & biochips for the rapid detection of disease. OJ-Bio products provide rapid detection and identification using simple, low cost products, with wireless connectivity. The component used for detection, a surface acoustic wave device (SAW), is mass manufactured by partners Japan Radio Co. Ltd for use in mobile phones and many other electronic devices. The OJ- Bio biochips will read swabs, blood, or urine samples, eliminating the delay caused by laboratory testing and providing rapid results. OJ-bio’s products will revolutionise the way testing can be performed opening up the existing diagnostic market and create new applications in consumer diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, animal and environmental testing.

Address: Bioscience Centre, International Centre for Life
Times Square, Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Website: www.oj-bio.com

Contact Information: +44 (0)191 2313127

Social Networking Info: LinkedIn | Twitter





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