InTouch Health

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Company Name: InTouch Health.

Company description: InTouch Health provides comprehensive telemedicine solutions that enable physicians to perform real-time consults with hospital patients. Through a single interface, physicians can access a host of FDA-cleared Remote Presence devices to provide and document care into emergency rooms, critical care units, patient wards, and operating rooms. Wherever access to medical expertise is limited, InTouch Health’s Remote Presence telemedicine solutions can effectively extend the physician’s reach to manage patient care, thereby removing critical time and distance barriers. The Company has more than 250 customers on six continents using Remote Presence to deliver specialty care services such as stroke, cardiology, trauma, pediatrics, neonatology, psychiatry, translation services, critical care coverage, patient rounds, clinical education, and surgical/procedure mentoring.

Address: Hollister Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93117


Contact Information: (805) 562-8686

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