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Company Name: Great Call.

Company description: Since the shipment of the first Jitterbug phone in 2006, GreatCall has been recognized as a leader in wireless services for aging Americans and other consumers seeking simplified cell phone experiences and easy-to-use mobile services. GreatCall has won numerous awards and national media coverage for our ability to deliver the benefits of innovation and technology in a meaningful and uncomplicated format. Their integrated platform supports not only social connection and services that engage the user, but also the delivery of mobile safety, health and wellness services and solutions that support an active, healthy and independent lifestyle. Their high-touch customer support approach is unique to the wireless industry and encourages technology adoption and on-going usage. In early 2009, GreatCall introduced its first health-related service, LiveNurse Advice and Triage, paving the way as a pioneer and emerging leader in mobile health services. Other popular services include: 5Star Personal Security (mobile PERS), Check-in Calls for high risk individuals, Health and Lifestyle Tips, Wellness Coaching and Stress Management, and Medication and Prescription Management. In 2011, GreatCall will introduce a number of their services to a broader market segment by way of the iPhone and Android Apps Stores.

Address: 12680 High Bluff Drive, Suite 310
San Diego, California 92130


Contact Information: (800)733-6632

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