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Company Name: DexCom.

Company description: DexCom, Inc. is a leader in continuous glucose sensing technologies, and focuses 100% on these technologies. Founded in 1999, DexCom’s roots stem from the pioneering 1967 research on implanted glucose sensors at the University of Wisconsin. DexCom started with a focus on creating an implantable Sensor that the body would not reject and that would perform for a long period of time. Today, DexCom’s Sensor technology is based on this research and sets it apart from other brands. DexCom continues to improve, with the introduction of the SEVEN® PLUS. Moving into their second decade, DexCom is committed to delivering best-in-class products and support services to patients and customers.

Address: 6340 Sequence Drive
San Diego, CA 92121


Contact Information: (888)738-3646

Social Networking Info: LinkedIn |  Twitter





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