Body Sensing Comes to Smartphones

October 11, 2010 | Reply More

Reposted from the New York Times
Sensor technology has become smaller, lighter and more powerful. At the same time, more attention is being paid to preventive health and personal fitness as an answer to the nation’s rising medical bills.

A result, for sensor companies like BodyMedia, is an opportunity to marry body sensors to smartphones to create full-body monitors. Last week, BodyMedia announced that its armband sensors would be able to communicate with smartphones, wirelessly, using Bluetooth. Its health sensors will be one of the first devices, other than ear buds, that link to smartphones with Bluetooth short-range communications.

“BodyMedia has been at it a long time, learned a lot and has accumulated a lot of intellectual property,” said Rob McCray, chief executive of the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance, a trade organization for mobile health companies. “And this market is real now.”

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