The Burrill Consumer Digital Health Meeting

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The Burrill Consumer Digital Health Meeting
March 22 -23, 2010
San Francisco Airport Marriott
Burlingame, CA

The Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance is pleased to be a community partner of this upcoming meeting.

Digital technology is revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare, be it through the use of innovative medical devices and processes, the provision of health services to remote locations via broadband technology or the electronic provision and maintenance of health records to ensure health workers have the correct data to ensure positive patient outcomes.

In the not too distant future through the aid of the Internet, electronic medical records, cell phones, and remote monitoring devices, patients will be able to take charge of their own healthcare.

Customer-driven healthcare is coming closer to reality and billions of dollars will be spent by a tech-enabled adult population. Driving this revolution is the fact that increasing costs in a complex healthcare system has placed greater financial and decision-making responsibilities onto the consumer. In addition, penetration of reliable wireless and broadband services into the home combined with low cost consumer devices are driving demand for home-based solutions.

Mindful of the coming changes, Burrill & Company, in association with the University of Illinois, is for the first time hosting The First Burrill Consumer Digital Health Meeting to help prepare the life sciences community for this new era in healthcare.

Leading experts and visionaries will describe how this future scenario will play out and discuss the business opportunities that will evolve from it.

At the Burrill Consumer Digital Health Meeting you will learn how PDAs and smartphones will become personal healthcare assistants capable of receiving vital signs and even body fluid samples for analysis and transmittal of results. Wherever patients are in the world, they will be able to connect with their physicians. And their doctors, in turn, will be able to practice medicine virtually anywhere and at anytime, with instant access to the information and systems they need—right at their fingertips.

This is a meeting that you will not want to miss!

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